To ensure safe travel and unlimited driving pleasure at all times, these tyres are infused with Run-flat tyre technology. They not only undergo an intensive selection and testing process, but are also matched to the overall concept of your BMW model. Every time you purchase a tyre, be sure to look out for the star symbol on the side wall.

Better control:
Maintain control of your vehicle and continue driving, even with a sudden loss of tyre pressure.
No need to change tyres:
This is helpful in situations such as breakdowns on a highway or busy roads, at night, in tunnels or in the rain.
Automatic warning system:
BMW vehicles with Run-flat tyres come with a tyre failure indicator system (RPA).
Get extra space:
With no need for a spare tyre, you gain space and shed extra weight, leading to more efficiency and savings.

Run-Flat Tales.

The open road has its joys, and its troubles. Explore some relatable scenarios that highlight the perks of owning BMW Approved Star Marked Tyres with Run-flat technology.   


Learn more about the revolutionary Run-flat tyre technology. 

The recommended range is up to 80 km/h, depending on the number of passengers and luggage weight.
RFTs are exclusively available at all Authorized BMW Dealerships.
The correct tyre pressure according to the tyre size and numberof passengers is mentioned on a plate riveted on the driver’s side on the B-Pillar.
The RFT Indicator system should be reset every time you refillor adjust your tyre air pressure. Remember to keep the car stationary when resetting the system.
It is advised to check the tyre pressure of the tyres once in two weeks. RFT Indicator detects only sudden loss of tyre pressurelike in the case of a flat tyre. Incremental loss of pressure is not monitored.
There is no prescribed “kilometers” of vehicle running before a tyre change is recommended. But it is always recommended to visually check the tyre from outside and act accordingly. 
A Mobility Kit can only be used for puncture holes up to 4mm diameter and is workable only on the traction surface of the tyre.
All BMW cars have RFT technology which has been optimizedover years of constant development. Technologically advanced suspension systems are being usedto provide superior ride comfort on any surface without sacrificing trademark BMW driving dynamics.